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New Shop, New Hosting

Welcome to our new on-line store. The new shop is head and shoulders over our old one. It will make it easier for YOU the customer to find what you are looking for; you can shop by product or manufacturer and drill down to what you are looking for in a few short clicks of your mouse. If it's Harley-Davidson boots, BMW flip front helmets or Ducati leathers, you can be sure you will find it quickly.

The shop is now dynamically  powered directly from our dealership database where there are literally 1000's of items. This means it will be easier and more efficient for staff to administer its contents and not having to enter an administrative section of a website to recreate everything. Consequently the shop will stay fresh will new items will get added, something that was previously hard to do during busy summer months. Other features allow us to direct you towards 'Sale' items, ’New’ items, and 'Recently' added items. If there is a promotion we will also bring this to your attention.

The shop is also Search Engine Optimised so hopefully it will draw from a wider range of shoppers searching via Google or Bing for example.

If you are existing customers you might have noticed our website was hacked and a line of malicious code put on pages of not just ours but every website hosted with that hosting company. Unsatisfied were we by such a security breach we also decided to host our website with another larger company with a proven track record in keeping the website they host safe. We want you to be absolutely sure that your computer will be safe every time you return to our website.

Have a look and buy something today.

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